About Mark Downey, RRT

About Mark Downey, RRT:
Mark Downey, RRT (Registered Rodenburg Teacher), Certified Voice and Presence Coach was personally chosen by internationally renowned Patsy Rodenburg (“Goddess of Voice” Forbes Magazine) to be her first Certified Voice Coach in Europe.
Mark’s knowledge of body language derives from his studies in Paris under the master of the body in movement, Jacques Lecoq. Mark has also been certified as a voice coach by the legendary Seth Riggs.
He currently trains and coaches business and community leaders in Speech and Presence, and effective communication in all contexts with immense success.He is an experienced performance and artistic director of both spoken and non-spoken performance for stage and screen. Mark is an experienced script and speechwriter for speech presentation and media presentations. With his incredible skill and vast knowledge, he is able to successfully change how people present themselves through effective communication and presence.
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The Workshop

This workshop is designed for actors who wish to explore their vocal and physical presence, widen their range in both and create a solid foundation for developing character.
The training will allow actors to expand their vocal and physical expressiveness and come into their full power and presence in voice. We will learn to replace the habitual with the natural in voice.
Rodenburg Voice Workshop will include:
Second Circle Presence ©
Accessing the diaphragmatic breath
Aligning the posture
Freeing and placing the natural voice
Articulation and owning the word
Speaking Shakespeare
Letting the text work you
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“This workshop is designed for actors and performers of all disciplines who wish to explore their vocal and physical presence, widen their range in both and create a solid foundation for building character.
The training will allow actors to expand their vocal and physical expressiveness and create & perform authentic and compelling characters. We look forward to working with you! ” Mark Downey


Workshop Testimonials by the Participants

Nicola Rollett- Actor
“I really find this approach to voice work extremely valuable for both my acting and for life. I love the moments when I feel myself connecting to my presence, and the power it gives to the work and words. I also find it equally valuable that this type of work reveals to me the habits that are holding me back from my presence. I am looking forward to continuing this journey.  I definitely would recommend this workshop to others, thank you so much. “
Michael Kruse Dahl -Actor
I found this workshop to be the perfect mix of body, voice, and breathe work. I discovered both internal and external habitual tendencies about myself.  I was able to find out where in my body I do most of my living.With the plethora of techniques and tools provided in the intensive, I was able to find what really works for me in order to find both my voice and breathe. My overall speech has improved and I’ve discovered a deeper appreciation for pronunciation, sentence structures, and the importance of breathe.”
Amanda Lockitch – Actor
​”​I loved the balance between movement work and vocal work. Met some really great people, with whom I will stay in touch. It reinvigorated my passion for tuning the instrument. Let me see how far I’ve come already. Helped build my confidence. ​
​ ​Over all, and as always, I really value what Mark has to offer as a teacher. His second circle presence is always welcoming, encouraging, and intense. I feel very lucky to have struck upon his classes and look forward to going further into the work with him.”​
Anita Wang- Actor
“I was very impressed with how many elements were taught in the short period of time we had. I am especially happy about how my breath has improved. The biggest thing I walked away with from this workshop is learning the concrete, effective steps to improving my breath, articulation and connection to the text. I also loved learning about being in the second circle. The A-ha moment of experiencing what it feels like to connect to the ensemble and the audience in the second circle was wonderful. “
Photo Credit: Chara Berk Photography